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Laskowski Design is a graphic and engineering design studio creating thoughtful and contemporary design solutions in the varied domain of commerce and culture. From concept and design to realisation, the studio offers a full creative service within branding, digital, spatial and product design with visualisation. Young team representing the start-up which seeks own place in the branch is characterised by very flexible approach, full of energy and fresh look combined with innovative solutions.



We have no fear. We work across creative boundaries, mixing objectivity with experience and curiosity with expertise to solve communication problems. To us, the only discipline that really matters is excellence.


Laskowski Design is not a normal agency. We don’t like complexity, either in the work we make, or in the way we work. When we collaborate with like-minded clients, something incredible happens – we become friends. Laskowski Design exists to find a new path. For us, making game-changing work is a road best travelled together.


If your mind is open, we will move mountains to work with you.